New York Times Story Reveals Shocking Practice at Nursing Homes

Posted On September 14, 2021

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I wanted to share this story that deeply resonated with our team today from The New York Times Daily Podcast.
“A Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes” – New York Times Daily Podcast

The Times has uncovered widespread evidence of false diagnoses of schizophrenia in nursing homes in order to allow for wider use of antipsychotic medications. This is highly concerning news for anyone with elder loved ones in nursing care, and as Elder Law advocates, we strongly advise our clients to be aware of this. While the issue is not new (in fact, the House Ways and Means Committee issued a report on nursing home abuse of antipsychotics on June 27, 2020), it is especially difficult to address given the hardships that the pandemic has placed on long term care facilities. We all want the best possible care for our elders, but where do we start?

Start Planning Now

An estate plan can determine who will have control over your healthcare decisions, and ensure that you preserve funds for continuing care and maintaining quality of life as you age. If you have a senior relative in need of long term care right now, you may have more options than you think when it comes to giving them the best possible care. Many of our clients do not realize that their loved ones are eligible for in-home care coverage. Our team can help you with both estate planning and Medicaid planning so that you or your loved one is provided for if the need for long term care arises. Our New York legacy lawyers team knows firsthand how difficult it is to navigate the system when your relative is in immediate need, and we are here to help you advocate for yourself and your loved ones.

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