Nontraditional families take many forms – from a grandmother raising a grandchild via an informal custodial arrangement to a same-sex couple living together in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage or civil unions. In many circumstances, nontraditional families are at a higher risk of losing assets, custody, and benefits in the event of a family member’s unexpected death or illness. At New York Legacy Lawyers, our goal is to help you craft an estate plan that fits your unique family and protects both you and your family members to the fullest. We can implement various strategies to safeguard nontraditional families in matters including: 

  • Protecting ownership of the family home
  • Protecting custody of the family’s minor children
  • Protecting the surviving partner’s right to manage the finances of the family’s minor children in the event of the other partner’s death
  • Protecting family members’ rights to make medical decisions for their partners and minor children
  • Protecting family members’ rights to make financial decisions in the event one partner becomes incapacitated
  • Ensuring that state probate laws do not override the family’s wishes regarding inheritance
  • Correctly designating beneficiaries on life insurance and other policies
  • Minimizing the impact of estate taxes and income taxes on the surviving partner
  • Planning for and minimizing will contests by family members unhappy with the decisions and bequests made in your will and other estate planning documents
  • Burial instructions, or granting the right over burial decisions to the surviving partner over other blood relatives

We recognize that legal institutions have a long way to go before all families are extended equal rights. In the meantime, we are here to support your nontraditional family by ensuring that what you’ve built together will remain with your loved ones. New York Legacy Lawyers can help you secure your family’s future by beginning your estate plan today.