DIY Estate Planning w/Legal Zoom: Save Now, Pay Later

While services like Legal Zoom offer low-cost access to many legal documents that can be filled out without the assistance of an attorney, this process lacks the experience and insight provided by a legal professional with an intimate knowledge of the estate planning and estate administration process and all the local and state statutes governing the process of handling an estate. In this webinar, Yana will discuss her experience with these kinds of discounted document services and how they may save time and money to draft but often make for a costly and prolonged process down the road.

You will learn:
1. What a will actually is and isn’t (common misconceptions)
2. Why a will may not be what you need
3. The biggest estate planning mistake that Yana has seen time after time
We will discuss various situations that an experienced estate planning attorney will spot and address in a professional estate plan that wouldn’t be considered by legal zoom, as well as how to select a lawyer and what practicalities to think about before you sit down to prepare your estate plan.